Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning services take on larger projects and spaces that can otherwise take hours to clean on your own or with a smaller team. Using larger amounts of cleaning solutions and industrial-sized tools and machinery, we can easily take on commercial cleaning jobs and complete them in a quicker span of time. 

Even with commercial cleaning services, we still pay extra attention to hard-to-reach places and heights that may otherwise be looked over during standard cleanings. Commercial spaces can include buildings, storage units, and complexes, such as hotels or condos, where a number of units are on the property and provide services to regular guests. Such commercial spaces could require and benefit from more frequent cleanings to accommodate the number of visitors.

Like office spaces, corporate spaces also need cleaning too. Whether your corporate building is being used to house offices or other businesses, the building itself likely sees a large number of visitors using its common area facilities such as front doors, elevators, and bathrooms. 

At Clarington Cleaning Services we provide commercial cleaning services to the private businesses within a property and the community spaces of the building in general. Whether it is vacuuming the main entrance or changing the garbage in common area bins, we are here to keep the space looking better than you ever imagined.

Industrial spaces, such as production areas or factories, require delicate commercial cleaning services to keep the area clear and the machinery functioning. Without regular cleaning, industrial spaces can risk putting employees at risk with the fuels and chemicals from machinery or tools used inside the industrial spaces. 

Therefore, at Clarington Cleaning Services we are always alert and careful when cleaning and working in industrial spaces to ensure that the employees are not harmed during regular cleanings and that machinery and tools are kept in the safest and best condition during and after cleaning.

Warehouse cleanings require attention to shelves and flooring and the open spaces in between. Since warehouses often store or produce products, keeping this space is crucial to maintaining the integrity of the products themselves. In a clothing warehouse, for example, dust can easily accumulate on the shelves and get into open boxes and infiltrate new products that are meant for clients. To avoid this, we recommend and provide commercial cleaning that gets in between the shelves and storage areas.

Storage units are also common places that may require further cleaning. Whether you’re an existing client with a private storage unit or you have an entire range of storage units, keeping them clean also helps protect the materials inside of them or prepares them for future storage. 

Since storage units also have doors that keep them locked and covered, they can easily gather exterior dust, spiders, and allergens that we help remove during cleaning. At Clarington Cleaning Services our commercial cleaning services apply to storage units that are both indoors and outdoors, as both can easily accumulate equal amounts of debris and should be cleaned often, especially if storing valuables. 

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