Construction Cleaning Services

Construction Cleaning Services

Construction cleaning services are great for those renovation and construction projects that can leave behind large messes that you may not be able to tackle on your own. Some materials that construction workers leave behind could be heavy, hazardous, and even dangerous to remove on your own. If your construction team has left behind damaging materials that require professional removal equipment, we encourage you to speak with them beforehand, as we are only able to clean rubbish from the site, rather than lift and remove heavy building materials.

When cleaning renovation and construction sites, our construction cleaning services always has your safety in mind. Depending on the type of work you’ve have done around your home or office, we’ll take crucial steps to ensure that your space is cleared of toxins and harmful debris that could affect the safety and health of your family and employees. 

This includes clearing the air of harmful chemicals, dust, and allergens that could affect people’s allergies or cause respiratory problems. Even if your renovation or construction project didn’t leave behind must dust or residue, even the harsh smell of paint chemicals or building materials can lead to health reactions. We take action to reduce such threats by clearing as much of the space as possible and making it ready to use again by everyone, free from hazard or concern.

After a renovation or construction project, you may require construction cleaning services so that all your surfaces get a good wipe down before they can be used again. Although contractors usually take initiatives to cover and protect surfaces around the interior of the home or office, as well as furniture, this doesn’t mean that some dust doesn’t still find its way onto your hard surfaces. We wipe down crown molding, door and window frames, counters, cabinets, shelves, and much more, and can also deep clean the floors to remove any loose debris by vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping.

When completing a renovation or construction project, you might notice an annoying amount of extra dust inside the home or office. This dust can buildup on your hard surfaces and even on your upholstery, leaving obvious discoloration and an unsightly appearance. To avoid this, we assist with renovation and construction cleanups by deep cleaning your upholstery using steam cleaning, vacuuming, and dry cleaning methods to remove dust and allergens. These methods work well for most types of rugs, carpet, sofas, mattresses, and curtains, and can have your upholstery looking as new as the area you just had renovated! Please give us a call at Clarington Cleaning services for all your construction cleaning needs.

As dust can build up on your furniture, it can also seep into your ventilation system and compile onto your vents, making it difficult for clean air to filter through and spreading further dust back into the home or office. We assist with vacuuming your ventilation system from the inside out, clearing the initial vent and screen, as well as removing larger pieces of dust balls to avoid the spread of allergens, dust mites, and toxins. We can also deep clean your vents of any potential pests or moisture that could lead to mold or mildew.

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