Deep Cleaning Service

Deep Cleaning Service

Professional deep cleaning services are those that pay close attention to often-missed areas around your home or office that generic cleaning services fail to address. When you enlist cleaning services, you might find that cleaners will wipe surfaces and dust where they can easily reach, but what about the more difficult areas that are frequently neglected, such as under your couch, behind your fridge, or even in the back of closets? 

Professional deep cleaning services help tackle those awkward areas that can accumulate excessive dust, hair, or debris that we usually don’t even see until moving the furniture.

Blinds are a common place where dust tends to linger and is openly noticeable. If you’ve ever run your finger across a blind and saw a streak of dust, you know it’s time for a cleaning. Blinds can be tricky and tedious to clean because they have numerous layers. 

Instead of going through each layer of the blinds and wiping them clean or potentially bending, scratching, or breaking them, let us do it for you! We use a specialized duster that helps us get in between the gaps and layers of your blinds, making dusting them easier and quicker than going in one by one.

Windows and doors require more than the occasional dusting or wipe down. Since some windows are hard to reach due to their height or with the top of doors, they can easily accumulate dust on the top edges where most can’t reach. 

Using step stools, ladders, and extendable dusters, we’re able to reach those heights and clean the tops of your window frames and doors. While we’re up there, we’ll use a clean glass cleaner to clean the inside and out of glass window panes, ensuring that they’re completely streak-free.

If you’re unable to reach high windows or door frames, then chances are, you may not be able to reach high ceiling fans either. Don’t worry, using the same deep cleaning tools and techniques, we elevate ourselves to reach the tops of ceiling fans where dust can pile up in larger loads. 

Your ceiling fans should be deep cleaned regularly, especially after frequent use (in the Summer, for example) as continuing to use them when they’re dusty can spread more dust and allergens in the room they operate in. If your ceiling fan has a light structure attached to it, we’re also able to disassemble the fixture, remove bugs or dust from the inside of the light, and reassemble again before use.

Many homes, apartments, offices, and other interiors have several cabinets, drawers, and closets that are used frequently but rarely cleaned. This could be because they’re storing common use materials such as silverware, dishes, or other utility items. 

With our professional deep cleaning services, we get into the back corners of every cabinet, drawer, and closet and clean the darker edges that are overlooked when using for everyday purposes. Even if you have several cabinets, drawers, or closets, they could all benefit from the occasional professional deep cleaning to avoid getting dust on your cookware, clothes, or important papers.

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