House Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Services

House cleaning services are designed to make household chores less daunting and overwhelming. In between your busy schedule, who really has time left over to spend the weekends cleaning? House cleaning services help take the pressure off your free time and let you have the welcoming home comfort that you deserve. House cleaning services typically tackle any time of cleaning project within the home, whether it be cleaning up after a kids’ mess or making sure your pet’s favorite corner of the laundry room is kept tidy.

Bedroom cleaning takes care of your bed sheets by either changing them or remaking your bed, as well as organizing any bedroom items that may be displaced or appear out of order. We wipe down all surfaces, including cabinets, desks, TVs, and nightstands. If you have any framed photos in your room or knick-knacks, we’ll also be sure to give them a dusting before moving onto sweeping or vacuuming. Our bedroom cleaning services are created to ensure that you’re able to enjoy a better night’s sleep once entering your room after we’ve cleaned it!

Like the bathroom, the kitchen is one place where residue can build up quickly over time and should be cleaned often due to its frequent use and foot traffic. Even if you’re not a chef that often, your kitchen is the place where your drinking water and foods come from, so why not ensure it’s one of the cleanest rooms in the house? 

When cleaning your kitchen, we always tackle the stove first, as this is where you’ll likely see grease and oil stains that can be unsightly or make it difficult to use your stovetop properly. Next, we’ll move on to any lingering dishes, clean the cabinets, and even clean the fridge – inside and out. This way, you’ll never have to worry about your kitchen surfaces when setting down food to prep or eat.

Bathroom cleaning includes wiping bathroom surfaces, such as the shower, counter, mirrors, sinks, and toilets, as well as scrubbing around the faucets where residue and limescale has a tendency to build up. We also sanitize the toilet and showering area, as these locations can typically carry more germs than normal due to their moisture and frequent use. We finish off the job by dusting, sweeping, and mopping, and by cleaning your towels or shower rugs as well. Give Clarington Cleaning Services a call for any house cleaning needs.

Laundry and linens tend to build up quicker than most of us can keep track of. We offer laundry and linen cleaning to take care of your laundry, towels, and bed sheets around the house. Included in this service, we wash, dry, and fold all of your clothes, and can even put them away in the desired location. For clean sheets and towels, we’ll be more than happy to remake your bed or fold your towels for incoming guests. If you have some clothes or linens that need special care and attention, we’ll be sure to wash them by hand or with delicate soaps, if needed.

house cleaning services
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