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Office cleaning services are ideal for office spaces that see frequent foot traffic, host meetings, welcome guests, and employ a team of staff as it is important to keep the office sanitized and cleaned at all times. This is because, with the amount of contact each surface in the office gets, germs and allergens can spread easily and at a quicker rate. To keep employees feeling comfortable at their desks or workspace and working efficiently, a clean working environment is crucial to attendance, productivity, and health.

Meeting rooms, although may not be as contaminated as break rooms, still host guests and employees regularly and communal tables and chairs can still cause the spread of germs. We clean the hard surfaces in meeting rooms and sanitize the chairs, keeping them all clean and equally available for safe use. If your meeting room has glass or windows that need to be cleaned, we’ll wipe them down and finish off by clearing the floors and emptying the trash. Meeting rooms may also have chalkboards or whiteboards that need cleaning, which we can also assist with.

Break rooms regularly host employees to relax, eat, and drink. Since break rooms are utilized as both kitchen and relaxation rooms, they can still succumb to the same germ and dirt build up as traditional kitchens, especially in communal fridges, microwaves, sinks, and coffee machines. Therefore, our office cleaning services are catered to clean these appliances and surfaces that are frequently used by multiple members in the office, so to avoid the spread of germs when using them again.

While there’s no definite set of times that your office should be cleaned weekly, we do encourage frequent and regular cleanings to keep your employees healthy and safe. Since the bathrooms in your office may be used daily and by more than one person, it is also likely that they will need more than one weekly cleaning to maintain their appearance. 

We recommend at least 2 – 3 office cleanings weekly, to ensure that your employees can fully benefit from a clean and sanitized office space. This also helps make sure that any potential allergens or germs that are brought into the office are quickly removed before being able to spread to the rest of the office. Even if your office is smaller, it may still require just as frequent of cleanings, due to closer quarters or shared office space such as printers, copy machines, chairs, and desks.

The benefits of keeping your office clean are fairly obvious, but can also help your company’s productivity in the long run. With employees working in close proximity to one another, they can easily spread germs to each other quicker than usual and this can cause a decrease in attendance and work efficiency. To avoid this, we encourage clients to have their offices cleaned on a regular basis to avoid spreading employee germs across the office. Professional office cleaning services can also keep workspace, technology, and equipment around the office working well with frequent dusting and dirt removal.

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